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PLASMA 6 turns its gaze to our one and only pale blue dot. This issue's Earth-centric focus is highlighted by articles featuring everything from environmental issues to sustainable technologies, and ultimately sheds a new light on the meaning of our space endeavors.

At PLASMA, we always wonder, if extraterrestrials ever payed us a visit, what would we want to show them? We'd like to make a good impression, right? Our best answer is this: that despite humanity's many flaws our curiosity and creativity always drives our inspiration for a better tomorrow. We believe that the path into the future lies not in science or art, but in both.

To our astonishment, this year's Earthly theme has been more on point than ever before. Issues spanning the climate crisis, world pandemic, and racial inequity has forced us to reflect with more intensity. Who are we as individuals? As a society? And what does this mean in the context of space exploration? The stars are gazing upon us as we take note of ourselves. We've made some great technological advances! But is that enough? PLASMA 6 tackles these questions, providing the reader with a more introspective and human issue.

"PLASMA 6", 22 x 28 cm, ca. 140 Pages, English, Present Books 2020

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